Organisations create the context for how people feel about them and it is within each organisation’s gift and capability to shape that context to enable and sustain Healthy High Performance™. Leadership is a critical issue as the support and commitment from the top of the organisation is an essential pre-requisite to enable wellbeing to drive enhanced business results. The Healthy High Performance™ approach involves introducing the principles of elite sports coaching to the leadership of an organisation to help them firstly recognise how their wellbeing affects their own performance as leaders. This in turn helps leaders understand what they need to do to lead a Healthy High Performance™ organisation.

“How things work around here” is a key consideration. How systems and processes work in the organisation can be a source of intense pride or intense irritation, with consequential impact on the wellbeing eco-system. Does the organisation help its people feel good and perform well through its systems and processes? What might be done better? The Healthy High Performance™ approach addresses these questions as well as looking at how the structure of the organisation supports the wellbeing eco-system. Clarity of accountabilities, the value of hierarchies and the maturity of cross functional working form part of the analysis and links directly to the critical consideration of manager capability.

Most people’s experience of work is shaped heavily by their line manager and other influential managers. The skills, knowledge and support for managers to enable them to create and sustain a Healthy High Performance™ organisation is fundamental. Managers play a pivotal role, day in day out, in sustaining the wellbeing eco-system and they must be both equipped with the skills and knowledge required to carry out this key role. Managers must be sure of support from the organisation so that performance expectations, recognition and reward systems and career opportunities are embedded within a wellbeing culture that permeates throughout the organisation, promoting safe systems of work and a proactive approach to enabling wellbeing to drive business performance.


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