Job Environment

It will be of little surprise to most people that the surroundings in which an employee works can have a profound effect on how much they enjoy their work, feel content, energised and motivated to do a good job. The Healthy High Performance™ approach focuses on harnessing the productivity impact of addressing Job Environment issues as part of the broader strategy of creating and sustaining a wellbeing eco-system that multiplies the effect of individual interventions.   The key areas of Job Environment that need to be considered include

Physical space – how do employees perceive their workspace(s) and what can be done to use workspace as an enabler of employee wellbeing? Are workspaces physically and psychologically safe? Are workspaces actively supporting perceptions of wellbeing?

Attitudes/Beliefs of Colleagues – what is the world view of those with whom individuals work and how does that affect feelings of psychological wellbeing?

Peer Support – to what extent do individuals feel part of a supportive team upon whom they can rely for support and help and vice versa: the extent to which individuals feel the desire to provide help and support to others?

Job Characteristics are also vitally important to understand – are the demands placed upon employees, their level of autonomy/control and the support available to them optimised to support Healthy High Performance™? Are safe systems of work clearly evident?


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