Healthy High Performance™

The direct relationship between the wellbeing of employees and improved business performance has been clearly demonstrated through extensive research around the world. But how do you translate that knowledge into an affordable, sustainable solution for your organisation that delivers both employee wellbeing and enhanced business results?The answer is to become a Healthy High Performance™ organisation:

  • Recognise the interdependent nature of the Wellbeing eco-system and how this drives business results
  • Carry out an organisational needs analysis using the Healthy High Performance™ framework
  • Implement sustainable change that makes employee wellbeing the engine of enhanced business results
  • Evaluate your progress regularly and commit to continual improvement in performance

The Wellbeing eco-system consists of key drivers of wellbeing that require constant attention and which work together to produce the desired outcome of a safe, happy, engaged, committed workforce that delivers enhanced business results for the organisation. This Wellbeing eco-system is best understood using a “Wellbeing Tree” metaphor where the roots of the tree are the drivers of wellbeing that require your attention and the fruits of the tree are the outcomes that a Healthy High Performance™ organisation can expect to deliver. There are four key areas that form the Wellbeing eco-system:

Using the Healthy High Performance™ framework, we can offer you a comprehensive needs analysis that will identify where you are doing well, where you may need to change and where you have gaps in your wellbeing eco-system. Analysing your existing data, gathering quantitative and qualitative data from your people, understanding your business context and your definition of what Healthy High Performance™ means in quantifiable terms, we will provide detailed recommendations on how to become a Healthy High Performance™ organisation.

Too many wellbeing initiatives fail because they have no proper business focus and concentrate too much simply on health promotion. The Healthy High Performance™ approach involves addressing the systemic issues in organisations that impede progress, making sustainable change to your entire wellbeing eco-system that will deliver business results on an ongoing basis. Our recommendations will be tailored precisely to the particular context of your organisation, focusing on your constraints and opportunities, with measurable success defined in your terms. No quick fix or sticking plasters but a strategic approach that focuses your attention and investment on what works.

Evaluating progress regularly and being committed to continual improvement is essential to achieve Healthy High Performance™. You will know you are making progress to becoming a Healthy High Performance™ organisation because your target business results will start to improve. You will also be able to monitor your wellbeing eco-system overall by tracking the key performance indicators that help you understand where corrective action may be needed.

To start your journey to Healthy High Performance™, please contact us for more information.


“The Healthy High Performance framework has really helped us understand why a comprehensive approach to addressing wellbeing issues is essential if we really want to improve our business performance”

HR Director, Private Sector

“We are already starting to see the benefits of the Healthy High Performance™ approach in reducing turnover, improving productivity and reducing absenteeism, as well as revenue and margin growth”

MD, Private Sector
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